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EC 130 B4 Turbine Helicopter

EC 130 B4 Turbine Helicopter

Overview Summary

The new model is based on the EC130 B4, which has dominated the heli-tour market over the past decade. The EC130 T2 is powered by the new Arriel 2D engine, which combines a 6,000-hour mature TBO and improved fuel efficiency with an advanced dual-channel FADEC and 950 shp takeoff rating. Comfort in the T2 is greatly enhanced, thanks to an active anti-vibration control system, thereby ensuring passengers – or patients – with the smoothest and coolest ride possible, as well as a new dual zone air conditioning system. The new model is also fitted with a new energy absorbing fuel cell, meeting the very latest safety requirements, and the aircraft’s energy absorbing passenger seats have been redesigned, improving cabin flexibility while reducing weight. The T2 is also fitted with new doors inspired from the automotive industry, as well as sliding passenger doors on both sides of the cabin. The T2 features a new console and improved man-machine interface instrument panel, which will feature Garmin’s G500H advanced flight display.


  • 1-6 paxs
  • 1 pilot crew
  • 150 pounds total max (Soft cases / maximum dimensions 45 linear inches / 114 cm. (length + height + width)).
  • Turbine Helicopter
  • Leather seats
  • Regular cabin / AC


As security measures we have protocols and rules for the security of each user who wishes to use our services.


  • Emergency Exit
  • Pull up to open
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Survival equipment in the back load compartment
  • Fasten and adjust seat belt on entering helicopter and leave it fastened until pilot signals to get out