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Edge of the Unknown Helicopter Tours

Edge of the Unknown Helicopter Tours

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Immerse yourself into the belly of the Costa Rican wilderness, at the Talamanca Jungle.

Your day begins being picked up at the airport of your choosing with a helicopter ride recreating the
legend of the TC-48 Flight.

You’ll land at the mysterious Talamanca area. Once at the dry river bed, you will begin your hike down the side of the mountain to the waterfall’s base. Push through the vegetation, hiking down the jungle creek towards your tropical objective. Once you reach the waterfall’s base you’ll have the chance to explore the natural beauties of this land of giants.

Enjoy the view and freshen yourself up with some tropical fruits and natural drinks, before you continue this journey.

Get ready for your hike up the mountain, in a raw and unique tropical adventure; only for the brave and bold.

You’ve earned it: enjoy a feast at the top of the summit. Explore the vantage point from the top of the waterfall before you fly back, into the Edge of the Unknown.


7:00 a.m: take off from the airport of your choosing.
We will do a flight of about 45 min – 2 hours (depending on where we pick you up) overseeing the nature that Costa Rica has to offer.

9:00 a.m: land in the river bed of the majestic Talamanca waterfall

9:30 a.m: challenging hike to the base of the waterfall, a place filled with rainbows

10:00 a.m: time to relax and enjoy the majesticity of nature, and eat some tropical fruits with coconut water

11:15 a.m: hike up the river bed and enjoy a delicious mountain festin cooked in the middle of nowhere.

2:00 p.m: take off back to the airport

Difficulty level:

Experienced hikers only

For additional information or reservations please contact us: reservations@nacascoloair.com
Or send us a message to our Whatsapp.