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Boiling Rivers Helicopter Tour

Boiling Rivers Helicopter Tour

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In this 1 day experience we will pick you up in the helicopter of your choice from our fleet* and we will fly above the natural landscapes that our small country has to offer.

We will head towards the Irazu volcano, where you will see the blue crater. Afterwards, we will start to travel in direction to the fumes of the volcano, where you will see how natural hot springs are formed; a rare phenomenon.

We will continue our path and land in a private property that will be exclusive for yourselves. There we will start our hike to the first spot of the day – a warm waterfall in a high altitude tropical forest, enjoy some delicious tropical fruits, coconut water, and head to our second location.

We can either hike or horseback ride to the nascent of the natural hot spring, a rare phenomenon to experience, literally hot water comes from under a rock. There you will understand the geological history of the river and the origin of the Boiling River.

Finally, we will head to the third location of the day, the blue natural hot springs, where you will have time to swim, enjoy and relax. There you will also taste our local delicacies curated specifically for you, and drink some wine, natural or spiritual beverages. Stay as long as you like; trust us you won’t want to leave this tempting paradise in the middle of nowhere. It will be time to leave and fly back to the airport.


7:00 a.m: Take off from the airport of your choosing.
We will do a flight of about 45 min – 2 hours (depending on where we pick you up) overseeing the nature that Costa Rica has to offer.

9:00 a.m: Landing at a secluded private property and hike to the first thermal waterfall

9:30 a.m: Exploration and tropical fruits at the thermal waterfall

10:30 a.m: Horseback ride towards the Boiling River nascent

11:15 a.m: Hike to the Boiling River blue hot springs, where you will swim in spiritual waters

11:30 a.m: Time to privately relax at the hot springs

12:30 p.m: Delicacies and drinks at the waterfall

2:00 p.m: Take off back to the airport

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* – Subject to availability

For additional information or reservations please contact us: reservations@nacascoloair.com
Or send us a message to our Whatsapp.